We love the local church, therefore we believe that it is important for every believer to form part of a local expression of God's family.

If you have been attending our services regularly and forming part of our gatherings, you're the ideal candidate for membership at Christian Life! 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member at CLCB, please contact us and share with us your keenness on membership. 


 Typically the process of becoming a member is very simple: you attend a 3-week membership course that usually runs a few times a year on a Sunday morning after church and then get welcomed as a member of CLCB. If you’re too excited and can’t wait to become a member, you’re welcome to go through the membership course notes with one of our church leaders who will guide you through what we believe and you will then be able to become a member. Check out the notes below and contact us to either find out about a membership course, or to set up a meeting!